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Call for Nominations

by INCOSE UMS | Jul 15, 2013

Let Us Know of Candidates or Nominate Yourself for a Leadership Role - Deadline is 13 September 2013
The Board of Directors has delegated the responsibility for collecting nominations and identifying suitable candidates to the Nominations and Elections Committee. In the autumn, you will have the opportunity to vote for the following positions which become vacant in 2014:
Term of Office
President Elect (succeeds president in 2016)
 - Candidates:
  • Alan Harding
  • Asmus Pandikow
2 yrs
2 yrs
Director for Academic Matters
3 yrs
EMEA Sector Director (nominated by EMEA Sector Chapter Pres)
3 yrs
Position descriptions and further details can be found on theINCOSE website.