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Certification Program Updates

by INCOSE UMS | Dec 05, 2013

The INCOSE Certification Program will be sunsetting the Acquisition (Acq) extension.  Everyone who has earned this extension will retain it as long as their base certification (ASEP, CSEP, or ESEP) is active.  Any lapse in certification requires re-starting the process, which means the Acq extension will no longer be possible to regain once it is lost.  Applications for the Acquisition extension will be accepted through 1 February 2014, and the exam offered through 1 April 2014.

Other extensions are under consideration using lessons learned from Acq experience.  All questions should be directed to

On May 1, 2015, the INCOSE Certification knowledge exam will transition to being based on Systems Engineering Handbook Version 4 (SEHBv4).  Until then, INCOSE System Engineering Handbook v3.2 should continue to be used to prepare for the certification exam for CSEP and ASEP. This delay from SEHBv4 release until exam updates allows applicants who have already began studying to continue using currently published materials.  It also gives individuals and training providers adequate time after SEHBv4 release to prepare for the examination based on the new material.