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Omega Alpha SE Doctoral Dissertation Showcase $5000 and $1000 prizes for 2018

by Danielle DeRoche | Jun 29, 2018

Applications and nominations for the Omega Alpha SE Doctoral Dissertation Showcase at must be completed by the end of August.

During its tenth anniversary meeting on 07/17/2016 in Edinburgh, the Omega Alpha Association Board of Directors authorized the establishment of a Systems Engineering Doctoral Dissertation Showcase (SEDDS). The legacy of SEDDS originates with SEANET and also from a charter cohort of five exemplary doctoral programs identified during 2010-11.

Three dissertations were designated as exemplary in 2016 and two in 2017. These are showcased under a separate heading – Exemplary SE Doctoral Dissertations. The Omega Alpha Board has authorized a $5,000 cash award for each exemplary dissertation, together with a Certificate of Exemplary Recognition incorporating an Omega Alpha Medallion.

An Honorary Recognition category was added in 2017 and one dissertation was designated. Honorary recognition will be continued going forward. At the discretion of the OAA Board, dissertations selected for final decision will be considered for Honorary Recognition. A cash award of $1,000 is given for honorary dissertations and certificates of honorary recognition will be presented.