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INCOSE-LA- Spkr Meeting Vehicle Human Interaction and IoT

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    Feburary 13, 2017 - 05:15 PM - 07:30 PM
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    The Aerospace Corporation
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ABSTRACT:  As we approach the age of autonomy, when connected robotics and autonomous vehicles become widespread, there also comes a need to build human confidence in those AI systems. The Honda HMI concept and Acura Precision Cockpit were new human machine interface electric vehicle interior demonstrators that unlocked the benefits of connectivity and autonomous technology while offering an enhanced driving experience. When designing for autonomous UX systems, however, giving over confidence in the AI safety elements can also be a problem. In order to tackle this, successfully connecting the dots between different industries as we approach the 4th industrial revolution becomes necessary. This talk will cover the role of the futurist in the R&D environment and the evolving role of the interface for machine vision systems.

BIOGRAPHY:   Shaun Westbrook is a Principal HMI Lead and Futurist at Honda R&D Americas, pioneering advances in human machine interfaces. He holds inventor patents in interface technologies and has presented his work at CES, CES Asia, LA Automobility, and NAIAS; covering areas in human mobility, consumer electronics, and AI. His HMI work aims to increase human confidence in future autonomous vehicles and decrease driver distraction for production systems.


      5:15-5:30  Sign-in/Registration
      5:30-6:00  Networking/Refreshments
      6:00-6:15  Introductions
      6:15-6:30  Competency Model WG Presentation
      6:30-7:30  Guest Speaker Presentation

Aerospace (Host Site) & Rockwell Collins (Irvine) reservations must close Monday noon the week before the meeting (5 Feb). We apologize for the inconvenience, but we must observe security procedures of our host sites. For remote venues and virtual attendance please RSVP by Monday noon the week of the meeting. Virtual Attendance instructions will be emailed the morning of the meeting.

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WHERE:  Host site: The Aerospace Corp., Bldg D8, Room 1010,  200 N. Aviation Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90245;  POC: Deborah Cannon, (714) 477-3755 (mobile).  Refreshments will be provided at this site.

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Antelope Valley,Palmdale

Mike Wallace

Azusa: Northrop Grumman Corp.(Employees)

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Paul Stowell

Irvine: Rockwell Collins Inc.

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