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System Engineering Resources

Below you will find links to System Engineering Resources, Handbooks, Instructions and any other information of interest to our current and future INCOSE-LA Members.

Chapter Meeting Archives

The table below contains links to the archived data from INCOSE-LA Chapter meetings, Townhall meetings, Speaker meetings and any Tutorials or other Presentations.  Presentation slides and meetings are made available to INCOSE members through this site and the on INCOSE Connect.


INCOSE-LA Speaker Meeting Topic

Meeting Flyer/Agenda 


 November 9 Systems Engineering approach to Technology Maturation for risk
reduction using TRL, IRL, and MRL Standards 
   20211109 INCOSE LA Speaker Meeting -Systems Engineering approach to Technology Maturation for risk reduction using TRL, IRL, and MRL Standards     
 October 12  Verification of INCOSE knowledge exam practice questions     SEP_Exam_Question_Requirements_2021-10-12    
 September 14  Conflict, Listening and Negotiation in the Systems Engineering Workplace   Speaker_Mtg_Conflict_Listening_Negotiation_2021-09-14    
 August 10  Questions on Requirements Development and Management? New Guides from INCOSE   New_Requirements_Guides_from_INCOSE_2021-08-10   
 July 13 Swarm Decision Making   INCOSE_LA_Swarm Decision Making_Vincent  
 June 8  Using Architecture and MBSE to Develop Validated Requirements   Using_Arch_and_MBSE_to_Develop_Val_Rqmts_Carson_2020  
 May 11 Systems Engineering at the Hello – Systems Engineering in Early Stage R&D Working Group    SE in Early Stage RD WG v3 2021-05-06   
 April 13 INCOSE-LA Chapter Speaker Meeting: INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification   SEP Certification Presentation v6 r3  
 March 9 INCOSE-LA Chapter Speaker Meeting: MBSE Three Ways – A Trio of Case Studies to Satisfy Any Appetite   MBSE Three Ways_LA Final 
 February 9

2021 INCOSE Workshop Reports
  IW2021-MBSE Workshop Summary-final

Rqmts WG Summary 2021-02-09


SSWG Cubesat System Reference Model

Systems Thinking Summary final 
November 9/10
Lean-Agile SAFe Tutorial
  Tutorial: Building Really Big Systems with Lean-Agile SAFe 
October 13
Architecture Development Methodology   Future Ground Architecture Development Metholology - INCOSE Lynch 
 September 28/29  SE MBSE Tutorial   MBSE Tutorial 2020 


SE MBSE Implementation in Your Organization
  Integrated MBSE LA INCOSE Sampson 09-2020 v3 

(Session Recording) SE MBSE Implementation in Your Organization
Speaker introduction begins at 25:20
 August 17/18
 Tutorial - The Test Like You Fly Process   Tutorial - TLYF INCOSE LA 2020-08-17

 August  The Test Like You Fly Process   2020-00773_Preventing_Failure

Going Meta: A Presentation on Presentations


On Effective Presentations (K. Smith) 
 Cost Modeling as it Pertains to System Engineering  

Algorithm Charts Polidi 2020 06 03 

Leading the Transformation of Model-Based Engineering: The Model-Based Capability Matrix 

Leading MBSE Transformation 
 April Case Studies in SOS to ROI Transformation  20200414-mtg-intro-SOS-to-ROI-Trans SOS2ROI Case Studies - Larry Haas 

SAFe in Military Systems with Cindy VanEpps and Bryan Smith  

Gorillas are Dancing 

Antelope Valley Engineering Programs: A Systems Engineering Approach with Dr. J S. Shelley
 November Human Systems Engineering with John O. Clark, CSEP  Speaker Meeting Introduction - 2019 1112  Presentation is available to INCOSE-LA Chapter members, by request. 
 October Systems Engineering: An Enabler for Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Rick Hefner  20191008_SpeakerMtg_Intro  2019-10 INCOSE-LA SE in AI 
September  OpenMBEE with Sean Marquez 20190910_SpeakerMeeting_Intro  INCOSE-LA 2019_9_10 presentation v2 - OpenMBEE 
August  Collaborative Governance with Dr. Antonia Boadi   Speaker Meeting Intro - August 13 2019 INCOSE Talk Rev 2_Aug13 
Systems Architecting with Mark McKelvin    20190611 SpeakerMeeting - Systems Architecting with Mark McKelvin 

Using a System-of-Systems Approach to Create and Test Interorbital’s NEPTUNE Small-Sat Launcher with Randa Milliron  

Interorbital Overview to INCOSE 


Healthcare Systems Engineering

Healthcare Systems Engineering - Established knowledge to the rescue of Healthcare 

March  System Engineering at John Deere with Rob Day  
            Integrating System Engineering at John Deere 

February  The Vision Statement with Jorg Largent   The Vision Statement: Step 1 for a Project Though Oft' Overlooked 

Systems Engineering for Space Science Missions
A Curated View of Systems Engineering for Science Missions as Science and Practical Art with Jonathan Arenberg, PhD, Chief Engineer, Space Science Missions. Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Systems Engineering for Space Science Missions 
 INCOSE-LA Chapter Speaker Meeting  fresh look at Systems Engineering              
Fellows’ Initiative on System and SE Definitions
                        April How Do You Use Agile Methods on Highly-Critical Systems that Require Earned Value Management?   
How Do You Use Agile Methods on Highly-Critical Systems that Require Earned Value Management? 
 10 Oct  

A Systems Engineering Solution To Clean Up The Ocean’s Plastic Waste

2017-10-10_SpeakerMeetingIntro-V1  INCOSE_Challange_V2[1]
 16 Sept

Sixth Annual JPL Mission Updates & Society Expo

 8 Sept  

The Connected Vehicle Revolution

 2017-09-12_SpeakerMeetingIntro_V1 INCOSELA20170912 
 8 Aug Seamless Integration of Model Based System Design   2017-08-08_SpeakerMeetingIntro_V1  2017-08-08_SE_ON_3DX 
 13 June

The Value of Systems Engineering and Transportation System Examples

2017-06-13_SpeakerMeetingIntro_V2   LA INCOSE June 13 Membership Presentation -
 9 May   Complex Systems Synthesis 2017-05-09_SpeakerMeetingIntro_V2  INCOSE Talk M.Thangavelu - May 09 2017 - ASTE527 Concept Architecture Creation Pointers [Autosaved] 
11 Oct Listening Skills    2016-11-10_SprMtg_Listening_Skills_To_Boost_Comm

7 July Big Data 2016-07_07_SpeakerMeetingIntro  2016-07-07_SprMtg_Big_Data 
 10 May SE Medicine 
10 Mar JWST   2016-03-10_SpkrMtg_JamesWebbSpaceTelescope 
1 Jan
Townhall Meeting