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Video Message from Kerry Lunney, INCOSE President

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IconAwardBronzeCircleBRONZE AWARD

As a result of our activities and contributions of 2020, our chapter received the Bronze level Chapter Circle Award.

14th Annual INCOSE Great Lakes / North-Central
Regional Conference (GLNC14)

This year's GLNC is hosted by the INCOSE Michigan Chapter. A Spring 2021 all-virtual conference and workshop on systems engineering capability and competency was held April 9-17, 2021. Due to COVID-19 the previously planned hybrid (in-person + virtual) event at the Historic Westin Book Cadillac (Marriott Detroit) Luxury Hotel, downtown Detroit, Michigan was rescheduled for Nov 30 - Dec 3, 2021. However, due to a fourth COVID-19 surge in Michigan, which outpaced the three previous, it was decided to postpone, and reschedule in 2022. 

For details on the conference program, registration and sponsorship visit the conference website at

Systems Engineering News

Value Stream Management for the Digital Age

January 27, 2022 | View Flyer | Register to Attend

value-stream-mgmtCompanies that implement Value Stream Management have seen extraordinary business improvements in car manufacturing, software, financial, and medical industries. Despite the benefits, studies show that very few companies have truly implemented value stream thinking, principles, and practices to their Agile Teams and Agile Release Trains, especially when it comes to software and systems development.

In this talk, Richard Knaster, Keynote Speaker, Author, and SAFe Fellow, provides the latest thinking from his new eBook on Value Stream Management for the Digital Age.

Richard Knaster is formerly the Chief Scientist and Vice President of Value Stream Management at In 2022, he founded Digital Business Agility to return to his passion of helping customers with the Lean-Agile transformations and product strategy.

Richard is a SAFe Fellow and methodologist who has written several books on SAFe. He’s a worldwide keynote speaker and executive that helps customers achieve better business outcomes with their digital transformations. Richard is a founding member of the Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC) and serves as a board member for the Consortium for Information & Software Quality (CISQ). Richard is also a Bain &
Co advisor for their agile practice.

INCOSE Michigan Chapter’s Board of Director's Election

Electronic Balloting opens January 5 and runs until January 25, 2022. If you encounter any difficulties voting or have questions about voting online, please contact

Vice President / President Elect:

Garima Bhatia

Garima BhatiaGarima Bhatia works as a Senior MBSE Engineer at Ford Motor Company. She plays a key role in Ford’s transition from a document-centric to a model-centric engineering approach to product development. Her primary focus is to develop architectural patterns for the development of SysML models, specifically with a focus on models for mechanical systems. Her responsibilities include the development of various libraries, integrated systems modeling, including system structure, behavior, and requirements modeling, and the generation of system-level DFMEAs. She also assists in the translation of text-based requirements to mathematically represented, constraint-based requirements. Additionally, she assists in the integration of mechanical and software systems models and with the documentation of developed methods.

Garima holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from India, a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University, and a PhD in Systems Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Her doctoral research focused on the development of a mathematical framework for the establishment of organizational architectures for systems engineers. Previously, she has worked on several NASA projects with a focus on MBSE. She has also been active as a student in INCOSE and AIAA. Her accomplishments include receiving the Amelia Earhart Fellowship in 2018, the best student in Industrial & Systems Engineering at UAH for the year 2017, and being on the Dean’s list at UAH for the years 2016 through 2021.

The importance of effective systems engineering in the design of complex engineered systems cannot be understated. As vice president/president elect, one of my primary objectives will be to bring practitioners and academics alike to share their ideas with the community. I will strive to enrich the current practice of systems engineering within our chapter and invigorate its value to our respective enterprises. I believe that the underlying theory of systems engineering is extremely important as well as further enhancement of tools for improved practice. This can be facilitated by taking into consideration the perspectives of both academics, and practitioners from government and industry. I aim to leverage my professional network with individuals from various backgrounds to promote frequent information-sharing sessions with INCOSE members as well as to promote the value of systems engineering to other disciplinary individuals. I will actively assist the current and past presidents in promoting the INCOSE vision within the community by increasing engagement through regular events. I believe that improving awareness regarding the latest tools, methods, processes, and theoretical research is paramount in facilitating improved decision making for the design of better complex systems, and that will be the recurring theme during my tenure, if I am elected. Thank you for your support!

Steve Cash

Steve Cash

Stephen Cash works as a Principal Systems Engineer at Vitech and provides consulting and training support for Vitech customers. Stephen has spent 25+ years developing his systems engineering skills through experiential learning. While his experience is broad, he has spent the majority of that time in the automotive sector supporting the development of engine controls, transmission controls, suspension controls, and lithium-ion batteries. Stephen's roles over the years have ranged from electrical engineer to project lead to subject matter expert to manager. Stephen holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University.

Stephen is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) through the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Stephen has held the position of Academia Chair on the board of the Chicagoland Chapter of INCOSE and graduated from the INCOSE Institute for Technical Leadership.

 My vision is that systems engineering becomes a normal state of practice for all engineering organizations. I do not mean to insinuate that all organizations must execute all aspect of systems engineering all the time. I think they need to have a wholistic view of what they are trying to accomplish and realize that some or all of the aspects of systems engineering can help them in creating an efficient engineering organization. Each organization should tailor their efforts to achieve their goals.

I see the Michigan Chapter of INCOSE performing the role as a connection point for individuals, corporations, and experts where we offer an environment to learn, collaborate and instruct on systems engineering. We are here to better the systems engineering capabilities for all involved. The goal is to create an environment of systems engineering excellence.



Dean Norfleet

Dean NorfleetDean Norfleet is currently a System Engineer for General Motors and is responsible for developing autonomous vehicle system requirements, designing autonomous vehicle system architecture, coordinating chassis and propulsion actuator systems and their interactions to support AV driving. Prior to this position, Mr. Norfleet spent over two decades as an Industrial Controls System Engineer developing assembly, metal removing, welding, test and gauge machinery in manufacturing environments for customers that included GM, Chrysler, Delphi Automotive, Thyssenkrupp, US Steel and Alcoa.  Mr. Norfleet began his career in the aerospace industry evaluating designs and testing telemetry systems used in the NASA Space Shuttle program.  Dean has served two terms as President of the INCOSE Michigan Chapter, has served as the Program Committee Chair for the Michigan Chapter and is currently serving on the planning committees for the Great Lakes / North-Central Conference and the 2022 INCOSE International Symposium. Mr. Norfleet received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Saginaw Valley State University, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Saginaw Valley State University and a master’s degree in System Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.



Samantha Lutz

Samantha Lutz

Samantha Lutz is currently Principal of Hyparxis Consulting, a private consulting and executive coaching firm located in southeast Michigan. She believes that systems engineering is the keystone for leadership and innovation in Industry 4.0, and emerging Industry 5.0. Her previous role was as the manager of Manufacturing Systems Analysis Department at Litton Industrial Automation Systems, which included Reliability and Maintainability, Continuous Improvement Engineering, Data Collection and Analysis, Plant Layout Optimization, and the (discrete-event) Simulation Department. She served as deputy director for the UNOVA R&M Council, and lead various projects, and in-house and customer training workshops. Samantha holds a BS from the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Rutgers University and an MS in Administration from Central Michigan University. She holds many certificates, including in Theory U from the Presencing Institute, which grew out of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning, founded by Peter Senge in the early 1990s. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Michigan. She is passionate about education, beginning in university when she founded the Engineering Outreach Program. She has served as Head Coach for First Robotics, and has judged and coordinated volunteer efforts in robotics, DiscoverE, and engineering related sessions for students. In addition to INCOSE membership, Samantha is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Michigan Section of the American Nuclear Society, and the Engineering Society of Detroit.

Agile MBSE Lunch and Learn Series with Bruce Powel Douglass, Ph.D.

L&L session 1

Session 1

Introduction to Model-Based Engineering: What Does A Good Model Smell Like?




Session 2

Introduction to Agile and Model-Based Engineering



SESSION 3: Engineering Agile Requirements

Session 3

Engineering Agile Requirements: Epics, Use Cases, and User Stories




Session 4

Improving Requirements with Use Cases: How to effectively perform agile model-based requirements analysis



Session 5

Session 5





Session 6





Session 7

January 12, 2022

Model-Based Testing: What it is and how to do it.



Session 8

January 26, 2022

MBSE and Safety Analysis


Integrating Systems Engineering to Deliver Complex Projects

December 20, 2021 View The Recorded Presentation

269222995_2118733274956073_8798422786232421456_n Abstract:
Delivering complex systems requires consistent 80/20 critical thinking from concept to delivery. Nehal Patel will share how to deliver quality, robust products and services while strengthening teams and customer relationships. She will present
strategies of how to work with multi-disciplinary teams to continuously simply expectations to move projects from start to
finish while mitigating risks. The presentation will draw on her extensive knowledge in aerospace and defense contracting. Her book, Practical Project Management for Engineers shares real-world examples to recover schedule, track cost and performance, and explain the tools, techniques, and methodologies to ensure success. The book compares NASA, Department of Defense (DoD), and Project Management Institute (PMI) processes and summarizes the best practices that work in the real world to deliver quality products on time and on budget.

Nehal Patel is Senior Global Program Manager with Amazon Robotics. She shares her 18 years of unique experience and talent leading engineering development teams while explaining ‘what you do on Monday?’ in simple, easy to implement terms. Nehal’s work experience spans a range of roles from being an individual contributor designing military radar systems for US Air Force and US Navy, leading an innovative engineering team to design new products, being a Program Manager overseeing military accounts of over $200M, negotiating underperformed breach of contracts to close reset deal of $1B and heading the risk management function as a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton for a $3B US Air Force contract. She is an Author of ‘Practical Project Management for Engineers’ book along with certified project management professional (PMP) with a bachelor in electrical engineering and a master in systems engineering and leadership. Nehal’s volunteer professional association service includes Chief Strategy Officer for the National Association of Asian American Professionals, supporting and empowering Asian leaders to further career advancements and climb the corporate ladder, and Assistant Director of Events for the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Technical Operations (Tech Ops) organization.

"Democratizing" MBSE with the open-source tool Capella

June 30, 2021 View The Recorded Presentation

Abstract :

MBSE aims at transitioning the Systems Engineering practice from a document-centric approach to a model-centric approach. It is envisioned to be the next shift enhancing significantly our systems engineering capacities, in order to cope with the steadily growing systems' complexity. Although MBSE has been a trending topic over the last few years, its adoption among systems engineers is still growing slowly.

In this presentation, Stephane Lacrampe will introduce some challenges in MBSE adoption and will explain how the Arcadia method and the Capella tool are enablers for accelerating MBSE adoption among the systems engineering community.

Stéphane Lacrampe - Obeo Canada director
Stéphane Lacrampe co-founded Obeo in 2005 in France. Obeo is an independent software vendor with a global reach, leading in open-source modeling software for system and software engineers, enterprise architects, and domain modeling experts. He acted as the CEO of the company for the last 12 years, and is now director of Obeo Canada and is in charge of the business development in North and South America for the company. Stephane LACRAMPE is also the co-chair of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools DataBase Working Group.

Broadening the Reach of the MBSE Process Beyond the Systems Engineer

Download Flyer

May 26, 2021 - View The Recorded Presentation

This presentation introduces an Excel-based tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration  through the Systems Model. Join Maple soft representatives Bharani Mohan and Paul Goossens for a session which will highlight the ease with which non-SE stakeholders can use Maple MBSE to collaborate effectively with the SE through the systems model, on the Teamwork Cloud platform. In this way, Maple MBSE has been proven to accelerate the systems engineering process by simplifying information-entry and reducing the risk of errors for all stakeholders, thereby increasing engagement with the process, and facilitating design collaboration across the enterprise.

  Systems Engineering Collage