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Midwest Gateway Chapter Sponsored Certification Preparation Workshop 2021

The first session of Midwest Gateway Chapter (MGC) sponsored 2021 Certification Preparation Workshop starts Thursday, 19 Aug 2021, at 4:30PM Central Time. See details below. If planning to attend workshop, please send email to:

What: Certification Preparation Workshop is sixteen (16) one-hour virtual reviews of the SE Handbook Version 4 and tutorial material each week.

Why: INCOSE MGC is organizing a review workshop in preparation for a systems engineering knowledge exam. The knowledge exam is one of the requirements to become a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP):

The written knowledge exam will be offered at a yet to be determined price (around $30 more or less). It is tentatively to be held on 17 December 2021 (stay tuned for more details on the written knowledge exam itself).

Who: The preparation workshop is open to anyone (INCOSE-MGC members and non-members). The low fee knowledge exam is available to anyone although priority given to members if space is limited. INCOSE Certification requires an active INCOSE membership and submission of application information and fee.

When: Certification Workshop planned every Thursday from 19 August to 9 December 2021 at 4:30pm Central Time.  Sessions last 1 hour.

How:  Some CSEPs/ASEPs are attending to provide discussion and advice on becoming certified.

Upcoming INCOSE Events

INCOSE Presents: Systems Engineering Pathways to AI Now!


Hear from many of our SE and AI experts on how Systems Engineering (SE) is moving forward with incorporation of AI right now.

 INCOSE small events_AI logo 

INCOSE Presents an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mini Event:
Systems Engineering Pathways to AI Now!
Hosted by Kerry Lunney, INCOSE President

Join us to hear from our systems engineers and AI experts on how systems engineering is moving forward with incorporation of AI right now. We have four great speakers and topics:

  • Alejandro Salado, How to Verify AI
  • Terril Hurst, Causal Inference: Key for Opening the AI Black Box for Systems Engineering
  • Barclay Brown, Data Requirements and the Green School Bus Problem
  • Mehran Irdmousa, Increasing the Success Rate of AI and ML Systems Deployment at the Enterprise Level
There will also be an open floor Q&A time for all participants to ask questions and exchange ideas.
Registration is now open to attend this informative event. For more information, please visit:


Past Events

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