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About the Chapter

We chartered the INCOSE Wasatch Chapter in January 1997 to serve the Utah systems engineering community.

Our membership resides throughout Utah: Salt Lake City, Layton, Logan, Ogden, Provo, Saint George, and points in between.  We named the chapter "Wasatch" (pronounced Wah-sach)--for the Wasatch Mountain Range--to identify with our region but not to convey boundaries on membership.  We invite all members and non-members to chapter activities.

We provide value to our members by providing relevant systems engineering presentations, networking events, and opportunities to develop leadership through local, national, or international INCOSE roles.

Mission Statement

The INCOSE Wasatch Chapter fosters a world-class systems engineering environment for its current and future membership.

We believe that systems engineering principles and practices offer the best solution for Utah companies and organizations competing in today's global marketplace, and that the proper application of systems engineering can contribute to the overall betterment of the social, economic, and environmental condition of the area.  When the aim is to improve cost, quality, and schedule performance--whether in industry, government, or education--we believe that systems engineering provides the most viable structured approach for doing so.


  1. Improve the systems engineering work environment for our members by educating business leaders and corporate middle management regarding the business case and key success factors for systems engineering projects.
  2. Improve the performance of systems engineering teams by encouraging INCOSE members to take advantage of INCOSE resources (e.g., the SE Handbook, SE Certification, etc.).
  3. Promote the benefits of systems engineering and INCOSE in general while establishing liaisons and synergistic partnerships with key institutions, organizations, and individuals.

Officers for 2019

Name  Officer Role  Company  E-mail Address 
Paul White President KIHOMAC Paul.White@kihomac.com
Angie Harbert
Vice President Northrop Grumman
Paul Nelson Secretary Northrop Grumman paul.nelson@ngc.com
John Richards Treasurer Northrop Grumman john.richards@ngc.com
Ernest Kyed Director-at-Large Northrop Grumman ernest.kyed@ngc.com
Vince Johnston Director-at-Large  L-3 Technologies Vincent.b.Johnston@L3T.com

We thank our officers who served in 2018: Michael Leith, Cody Hauver, and James Plimpton!  We thank Paul White and Paul Nelson for continuing their service from 2018!


You may contact Paul White, Chapter President, at Paul.White@kihomac.com.