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Architecture Working Group

Mission & Objectives

The Mission of the INCOSE Architecture Working Group (AWG) is to expand the practice of architecture in Systems Engineering and advance the body of knowledge.  Architecture is an integral part of the concepts and practice of Systems Engineering and must evolve with the ongoing advancements in Systems Engineering.  Therefore, a standing working group has been established to facilitate and focus ongoing advances across the various types of System Architecture and to support collaboration both across INCOSE and with other international bodies that have a common interest. 

The stakeholders of this WG are the practitioners and researchers in Systems and System of Systems Architecture. In recent years the ISO working group JTC1/SC7/WG42 has been a ‘customer’ and on-going collaborations with the IEEE, OMG and FEAPO have been established.  It is an ongoing objective to seek closer collaborations with other WGs and Initiatives within INCOSE.

Specific ongoing objectives the INCOSE AWG seeks to accomplish are:

-        Advance and evolve the architecture body of knowledge

-        Promote the use and practice of architecture principles in systems engineering

-        Share best practices for the use of architecture in systems engineering projects

-        Develop the practice of architecture within AWG members’ home organizations

-        Expand the effort in architecture related standards and specifications.

The goals are accomplished by establishing specific outcomes each year at the INCOSE IW. 


Lead: Prof Mike Wilkinson
Co-lead: Richard Martin
Co-lead: Alain Faisandier
Co-lead: Anand Kumar
Co-lead: Jean-Luc Garnier

Working Group Products

Work undertaken/in development (2017)

AWG members contributed to international standards (42010/42020/42030, NAF/UAF, etc)
AWG members supported enterprise architecture initiatives (FEAPO)
AWG members participated in research on architecture centric systems engineering (ongoing)
AWG progressed a work stream on architecting styles (ongoing)

Planned work for 2018 - TBC at IW18

Standards support (WG42, WG21, etc)
Cooperation on enterprise architecture 
Architecture developments/further work planned
- architecting competencies framework
- architecting styles
- support to tools database initiative
- Architecture Primer

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

Recently held sessions:

Meeting held on 30th January.

IS17: Meeting held on 20th July.

Planned sessions:

Plenary Meeting will be held on 21st January.
Agenda will cover updates on architecture topics and discussions on AWG workstreams
FEAPO Liaison
ISO/IEC 42010, 42020 and 42030
ISO 15704 and 19440
Architecting Styles Worksream
Tools Database Initiative
Architecture Workbench
Chapter AWG reports
AWG Planning

IS18: Panel Session session planned.

IS18: AWG Plenary Meeting planned.

Planned Presentations at the Next Annual