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Soft Skills

Mission & Objectives

This page is under development with the WG leaders learning the administration tools.

The purpose for creating this working group is to organize, coordinate, and focus the efforts of individuals that are interested in this subject material. The soft-skills become increasingly important as individuals advance their careers and develop their responsibilities. Anecdotal evidence indicates that the more generalized training and material that is available for soft-skills often misses the mark for individuals with an engineering background.  This working group will seek to take advantage of the opportunity available provided by the engineers within INCOSE that have developed their soft-skills. This working group will leverage their knowledge and experience to create material that explains the value, purpose, and mechanics of soft-skills in terms that an engineer can understand and relate to.

The working group is currently developing the processes for submitting, reviewing, developing, and approving the assets the guide the working group and the products it produces. This includes the integration with the formal TPP process to produce INCOSE products. (This language will be updated as discussions and clarifications continue.


Leadership  Core Team Contributing Members
Sean McCoy (Chair)
Jason Wojcik (Co-Chair)
Corey Running
Sri Harsha
Paul Frenz
Clifford Whitcomb

Working Group Products

Under review

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

Monday 1/27/2020  10am-12pm PST at IW2020

Planned Presentations at the Next Events

Under review