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Applying for ASEP

ALL new applicants must be an individual INCOSE Member before they can submit an application

If you are located in the UK, please apply directly through the UK site:
For certification inquiries in the UK, please email
For certification inquiries in Australia, please email



Link or Material


Complete the Application Form

Form 1A Individual Application for ASEP


Upload via INCOSE Home Page (must be logged in). Once application is uploaded, press continue and system will prompt to pay the $180 ASEP Application Fee.
*Note: Membership must be valid for "Submit ASEP application" link to be available.*


Certification Office will screen your application for completeness and email you the exam information within 3-5 business days of submission.


Prepare for the knowledge exam

INCOSE Knowledge Exam


Schedule and pass the knowledge exam.
INCOSE Knowledge Exam             


If necessary, retake the exam. You are allowed up to 3 attempts in a 12-month period.


Upon successful completion of the knowledge exam, the Certification Office will email your certification information, followed by a link to download the PDF.


Application fee payments are valid for one year. Passing exam results and academic equivalencies are also valid for one year from when INCOSE is notified of them. Please keep these dates in mind to be sure you complete all steps within the allowable dates.

The certification examination is offered worldwide, on demand, by an independent test organization. Information on how to schedule an examination is sent to an applicant after the application package and payment have been received by the INCOSE Certification Program Office. A fee for participating in the exam is collected at the time of registration and is not a part of the application fee. 

The ASEP/CSEP knowledge examination is described here ( ESEPs have a phone interview instead of the knowledge exam.

Note: The application fee is non-refundable, even if you do not pass the examination or review. Even if you pass the examination, you are not certified by INCOSE until you complete the entire application process.