Systems Engineering Quality Management

Mission & Objectives

Quality Management is one of the six Organizational Project-Enabling Processes described in the INCOSE Handbook v4 (Section 7.5) and in ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015.

The overall purpose of the Systems Engineering Quality Management Working Group is to foster the definition, understanding and practice of quality management in the systems engineering profession.

This purpose will be achieved by the establishment of quality management as a cornerstone of professional development that adds value to the systems engineering profession, and engineering in general, through the following initiatives:

  • Developing and elaborating systems engineering as a leadership discipline with quality management as a foundational competency,
  • Enabling systems engineers to develop and expand the skills to manage process quality and increase profitability,
  • Considering the organization as a system, fully integrating the process, the person and the job description, and
  • Raising the level of professionalism, corporate and technical influence, job satisfaction and the career path trajectory.

Quality management, as addressed in this working group, is distinct from other aspects of quality such as quality assurance, quality control and acceptable quality levels. Quality management is also distinct from the SE disciplines of verification and validation of systems.

This working group aims to address quality management as a leadership and management discipline, as applied within systems engineering. This follows the approach to quality management described in the works of Deming, Crosby and Juran, but limits the application to the engineering and systems engineering disciplines.

The working group will also address the connections of quality management to other areas of systems engineering, notably systems thinking and organizational leadership.

Goals and Work Products

Systems Engineering Handbook v5 sections of Quality Management and Quality Assurance

Planned Working Sessions & Presentations

Introduction to Values-Based Quality Management for Systems Engineers    

eandtitleimgIn this interactive workshop session, the leaders of the Systems Engineering Quality management working group presented an overview of values-based quality management. This human-centric approach to quality management is the basis for the Quality Management Institute (QMI) curriculum, a comprehensive online and face-to-face professional education program designed to validate and advance our organizational values, process knowledge, and collaboration skills needed to uphold our brand promise guarantee to our customers, stakeholders and ourselves. The program is designed to integrate human competencies with engineering and business processes in an intelligent system of quality management.   

The workshop included "teach-back" presentations of course concepts, along with an overview of the QMI training program, which is being offered on a full scholarship basis to all current and new members of the Systems Engineering Quality Management Working Group. Starting in February, we will offer a Cohort based class, where a group will take the course together over a period of several months, and complete the optional certification in systems engineering quality management. 

Video of the session is now available above.

For more information about the course, see the overview and schedule for the QMI Training below. 



Barclay R. Brown, Ph.D, ESEP, Chair
Larry Kennedy, Ph.D., Co-Founder
Bill Scheible, Co-Chair
Hazel Woodcock, ESEP, Co-Chair
Kim Stansfield, Ph.D, Co-Chair

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