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Is the exam offered only in English?

Apr 14, 2023
Courtney Wright

INCOSE’s activities are generally handled in English, and that is the standard language of all aspects of INCOSE’s Certification Program. The SE Handbook, application materials, knowledge exam, and ESEP interviews are all published or performed in English. We are aware that candidates for whom English is not their first language – or perhaps not a language they speak at all – this is a significant hurdle. We are constantly working to identify, evaluate, and implement alternate paths to certification that recognize knowledgeable SEPs without penalty for their English skills. 

Testing Accommodations – Applicants whose first language is not English qualify for additional time (30 minutes, added to the standard 120 minutes) for the knowledge exam. These candidates may also bring in a paper translation dictionary to use during the exam. These candidates must tell INCOSE that they want these special accommodations when they register for the exam. 

Academic Equivalency - INCOSE's Academic Equivalencies are a recognition of university coursework (taught in any language) as an alternate path to meeting the knowledge requirement for ASEP or CSEP certification. A student who does well in an academic equivalency course or courses may be able to skip the knowledge exam when applying for ASEP or CSEP.

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