INCOSE India: Arcadia and Capella Discovery Tutorial

Meeting Title: Arcadia and Capella Discovery Tutorial
Presenter Name: Stéphane Lacrampe 
Date: Saturday 17 December 2022
Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm IST / 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm ACT / 12:30 pm  - 3:30 pm ST



This session is a half-day tutorial focused on the discovery of the Arcadia MBSE method and the free/open-source MBSE tool Capella.

The objectives of this tutorial are:
- for the participants to get the first level of knowledge on both scope and content of the Arcadia MBSE method and how it incorporates many Systems Thinking techniques to derive the system architecture.
- for the participants to get a first hands-on experience of using the Capella tool and how it implements the Arcadia method through the actual modeling of the architecture for a simplified use case.

Participants can be any systems engineer willing to learn more and experience MBSE. No previous modeling experience is required. Once they have accomplished this tutorial, participants should be confident enough to envision using an MBSE tool in their own organization/project/research by understanding the value it can bring to their engineering activities.

About 40% of the tutorial is spent on the first part: discovering the Arcadia MBSE method and the Capella tool ecosystem. Participants will learn why the Arcadia method was created, the objectives, and the main engineering perspectives and concepts used in the MBSE method.

The rest of the tutorial mainly focuses on using the Capella tool through an example. Experiencing Capella with this type of use case is a great way to understand the Arcadia system thinking fundamentals better and learn to use the tool, including some of the built-in engineering helpers. Participants can view/follow or create their own Capella architecture model through the 4 engineering perspectives OA/SA/LA/PA provided by Arcadia.

Stéphane Lacrampe: Stéphane Lacrampe co-founded Obeo in 2005 in France. Obeo is an independent software vendor with a global reach, leading in open-source modeling software for system and software engineers, enterprise architects, and domain modeling experts.
Stéphane Lacrampe acted as the company's CEO until 2018 and is now the director of Obeo Canada. He is in charge of developing the Capella ecosystem in North and South America. Stéphane Lacrampe is also the co-chair of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Database Working Group and the webmaster of the INCOSE Canada chapter.

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