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The INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter was officially accepted into INCOSE at the International Workshop in 2010. We welcome all INCOSE members and would-be members that are interested in joining any and all of the INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter's activities. The name of the chapter is not intended to convey boundaries on membership. 


INCOSE Resume Coaching

Did you know that INCOSE offers a resume review service to aid you in your job search? Simply send you resume to to have your resume reviewed by experienced professionals and receive helpful feedback.

INCOSE Career Connections Website

Did you know that INCOSE offers a systems engineering career board? Whether you are seeking new opportunities or want to recruit systems engineering talent to your organization, visit to see hundreds of available SE positions.

Register now for our An Insider's Guide to Achieving SE and PM Integration Excellence, Randy Illiff Sept 15, 2018 Seminar!

2018 INOCSE CC Fall Seminar

Register now for our Systems Engineering by Any Other Name (The Lost History of WWII Radio-Controlled Gunnery Targets), Tom Fey Sept 20, 2018 meeting! Note: this presentation will only be held live and remote, it will not be recorded.

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