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INCOSE Midwest Gateway Presentation Framework

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Midwest Gateway SE Process Framework

Process Input (Customer Needs)

How to Start a Successful Program - Bill Jennings, Shawn Simmons and Robert Scheurer, Boeing, 25 May 2011

Value of Systems Engineering - Mason Myers, Boeing, 22 Sep 2004

DoD's New Acquisition Policy - Al Bruns, Boeing, 30 Jul 2003

System Analysis / System Management

"Spiral Development Using a 16 Year Development Horizon" - Marcus Chu, Boeing Research & Technology, March 20, 2013

"An Advanced Computational Approach to System of Systems (SoS) Analysis & Architecting using Agent-based Behavioral Modeling" - Cihan H. Dagli, and Louis Pape Missouri University of Science and Technology, January 31st, 2013

"The Value Technical Performance Measurement Brings To Your Program" - Ann Lynn, Boeing, Systems Engineering & Integration, April 30, 2012

"Model-Based Systems Engineering in an Integrated Data Environment" - Barbara Sheeley, BDS SE, IPA Program Manager, August 30, 2012

Systems Engineering Research - Dr. Cihan H Dagli, MS&T, June 3, 2011

Spiral 5 INCOSE MG Demo Robot: On The Move - Marcus Chu, Boeing, March 15, 2011

Spark New Engineers By Passing It On… - Jill Malcom, Director, Mastodon Art/Science Regional Fair, Jan 27, 2011

Dealing with Cognitive Biases in Decision - William Siefert, Boeing, Feb 24th, 2010

The New I-64 Reconstruction Project - Ron Morris, P.E., Missouri Department of Transportation, Oct 28th, 2009

Systems Engineering Return on Investment Quantifying the Value of SE - Eric Honour, Honourcode, Inc, 12 August 2009

Need for Affordability Analysis in Systems Engineering - Mark Schankman & Mike Franco, Boeing, 24 June 2009

A New Way to Think of Risk - Eric D. Smith & Bill Siefert, Boeing, 22 May 2008

Performance-Based Logistics - Dale Waldo, Boeing, 8 Feb 2008

Finding the Few Critical Process Steps That Are Essential for Success - Bill Schoening, Boeing, 23 May 2007

Lean+/ Systems Engineering - Modina Williams, Boeing, 26 July 06

The Power of Systems Architecting - Jon Wang, Boeing, 7 Dec 2005

Calculating Availability for a Time-Varying Multi-Path Network - Dr. Richard C. Mayer, Boeing, 27 Oct 2005

Customer Needs and Objectives: Lessons Learned from Homeland Security - Rob Simons, Boeing, 21 Jun 2005

Schedule Risk Analysis - Tariq Ashraf, Boeing, 24 Feb 2005

Performing Quality Trade Studies for Optimum Results - Bill Schoening, Boeing, 13 Nov 2004

Constructive Systems Engineering Cost Model (COSYSMO) - Willie Williams, Boeing, 22 Sep 2004

Boeing Risk Tools - Jim Warren & Jim Westphal, Boeing, 10 Aug 2004

Requirements Analysis

Architecture – Ignore at your own risk (DODAF 2.0 – It’s the law for all future DOD programs) - Lou Pape & Dale Waldo, Boeing. June 23, 2010

A Systems Engineering Approach for Balancing Requirements - Dana Peterson, DRS, 30 September 2009

Net Centric Operations: From DOORS to Sim - William Bezdek, Boeing, 27 Apr 2007

Writing Good Requirements - Seth D. Burgett, Stereotaxis, Inc., 28 Sep 2005

Functional Analysis

Achieving Better Requirements from Early Prototyping William J. (Bill) Bezdek, Boeing, 20-May-2009

Heuristics and Genetic Algorithms - Michael Mobley, Boeing, 28 June 2006

Core - A Model-Based Approach - Jody H. Fluhr, Vitech Corp., 29 Jun 2004

Design Synthesis (Configuration)

Integration of Virtual Engineering and Model Based Systems Engineering Tools for Detail Design - Akshay Kande, Missouri S&T - Sept 30, 2010

Exploring the Spectrum of Needs Using Decision Analysis - Suzanne Bergman, Boeing, May 27, 2010

Methodologies for Understanding Behavior of System of Systems - Cihan H Dagli, PhD - Boeing, 24 Jan 2007

Analysis, Modeling & Simulation – Essential Elements of Good Systems Engineering - Joyce Wheeler and Joe Adamo - Boeing, 24 May 2006

Process Output (System Design)

Using Systems Engineering in Learning Communities - Marcos Chu, Boeing, 13 Jan 2010

Understanding the DoD Architecture Framework Artifacts - Mason Myers, Boeing, 27 Oct 2004

Architecture for DoDAF - Greg Gorman - Telelogic, 25 May 2005

Spans Multiple SE Processes

Maximizing Innnovation With Systems Engineering - Robert Scheurer, Boeing, Systems Engineer

Practical Application of Chaos Theory to Systems Engineering, January 18, 2012 - David M. Curry, Boeing, Software Engineer

Resiliency - an Emerging "ility" - Dr. Richard Mayer, Speed of Light Consulting LLC, July 14, 2011

Highlights from the 2010 INCOSE Symposium 26 August 2010 - Panelists:
Mr. Bob Scheurer, Midwest Gateway Chapter President, Boeing
Mr. Steve, D’Urso, Boeing
Ms. Barbara Sheeley, Boeing
Mr. Lou Pape, Boeing
Dr. Cihan Dagli, Director of Systems Engineering, Missouri S&T
Mr. Marcos Chu, Past Chapter President, Boeing

Team Center Systems Engineering Tool - Barbara Sheeley and Matthew McEmber, Boeing, 29 July 2009

Program Milestone Activities Across The Program Life Cycle; DoD Lifecycle Changes that affect you! - Bill Jennings, 13 Feb 2009

Simulation, A Quality Assurance Tool at The Plant Floor Level - Marco Echeverria, 2 Oct 2007

Introduction to System of Systems - Mike McCoy, 17 Sept 2007

FIRST Robotics : From Requirements to Game Time - Daniel Robinson, 24 Aug 2007

Application of Lean+ in Systems Engineering - Randy Tarin, Boeing, 10 Jul 2007

FIRST Robotics : System Engineering - System Thinking - Ralph Lambert, Boeing, 27 Feb 2007

On Chasing the Ether of Intelligent Systems - Dr. James Guffey, Boeing, 25 Oct 2006

Complex Adaptive Systems - Bill Schoening, Boeing, 5 Oct 2006

FIRST Robotics as Systems Engineering Training - Lou Pape, Boeing, 27 Jan 2006

How Planning for Success Can Open the Door to Failure - Bill Schoening, Boeing, 31 Aug 2005

Linking Six Sigma to Systems Engineering - Brian Beyer, Boeing, 27 Jan 2005

Making a Field of Dreams into Reality: Creating the New Busch Stadium - Hunt Construction Group, 3 Nov 2004

CMMI Overview - Bruce Boyd, Boeing, 28 Jan 2004