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Certification Program Manager (PM)

The Certification Program Manager (PM) is a paid contractor who leads the strategic and tactical operations of the Certification Program. As the primary spokesperson for the Program, the PM coordinates volunteer work and leads new initiatives until they are ready to transition to operations. The PM works with the INCOSE Board of Directors to set policy.

Certification Operations Team

The Certification Operations team are paid contractors who interact with candidates, volunteers, the test administrators and the PM to ensure daily activities go smoothly. This team implements policy and, as the front-line of the Program, identifies situations that need further guidance.

Certification Advisory Group (CAG)

This group of nine ESEP or senior CSEP volunteers serve three-year, renewable terms to provide strategic direction and advice to the Certification PM and the INCOSE Board of Directors.


Certification Application Reviewers (CARs)

Over fifty volunteers, who are all either CSEPs or ESEPs, are trained and commit to a two-year, renewable term to review CSEP and ESEP application packages.

Certification Exam Development Team

The exam writers, reviewers, and editors are volunteers who develop the questions for the INCOSE knowledge exam. This is a rotating group of volunteers who may participate with as little as a five-hour commitment.

Learn more about these roles and volunteer to participate in them on the INCOSE Volunteer Opportunity Board: