The INCOSE Canada Chapter​
Systems Engineering Student Challenge 2024

Terry Fitzgerald

Message from the President

Driven by an increasingly competitive market, shrinking resources, and by the increasing pace of technology, the products and services that we use and rely on in Canada today are becoming more complex. The partitioning of engineering responsibilities along traditional lines are no longer fit for purpose. We believe that Systems Engineering is a key enabler to master that increasing complexity and we are committed to be the communal bedrock of practitioners of Systems Engineering within Canada.​

No mission is more important than to enable the future engineers of Canadian industry, commerce, government and defense by broadening their perspective to apply systems thinking, engineering and science to the problems of tomorrow.​

That is why we are very excited to launch the inaugural INCOSE Canada Chapter Systems Engineering Student Challenge which will not only challenge students to apply Systems Engineering to their projects but also give practical experience on the benefits of Systems Engineering in their future careers.​


Who we are

We are the elected board of Canada chapter of International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE), a not-for-profit membership organization founded to develop and disseminate the transdisciplinary principles and practices that enable the realization of successful systems.

Our Vision and Mission

The vision is to become the key enabler for the Systems Engineering community within Canada to network, collaborate, share ideas and experience, and for dissemination of Systems Engineering knowledge and best practice.

Our mission is to enable our members to address complex societal and technical challenges confronting Canada, Canadian local communities and Canada Chapter members by developing, promoting, and applying systems engineering and systems approaches.

Purpose of the Challenge

The INCOSE Canada Chapter Systems Engineering Student Challenge is a premier national competition in systems engineering. Held annually, this event unites the enthusiastic and expanding community of student across Canada.

The challenge connects these students with industry and the INCOSE Canada Chapter providing a focal point for the dissemination of systems engineering best practice thereby raising the awareness and understanding for systems engineering applied not only to their final year projects but also to their future careers.

What to Expect

  1. Challenge yourself and your project team to adopt a Systems Engineering approach to your final year engineering project.
  2. Expose your CV to participating sponsors who are looking for high value candidates.
  3. Regular 1 hr seminars by experienced SEs and industry leaders introducing SE best practices.
  4. Present the application of SE to your project to peers and judges.
  5. Judges award cash prizes to outstanding applications of systems engineering.

Value to Applicants


i1Improve job-hunting prospects

i2Gain national and international recognition.

i3Compete for cash prizes.

i4Learn and apply Systems Engineering.




i6INCOSE Canada Chapter Best Use of Systems Engineering Award of CAD 2,000 awarded to the project team; Certificate of Award, and free 1-year INCOSE registration for each project member.

i7Second Place INCOSE Canada Chapter Best Use of Systems Engineering Award of CAD 1,000 awarded to the project team; Certificate of Award and free 1-year INCOSE registration for each project member​.

i8For 3 best runner ups projects: Certificate of Honorable Mention, and free 1-year INCOSE registration for each member of recipient of award.

Contact Us

To ask questions or to register, send an email to [email protected] with:

  1. Your intention to register for the Challenge
  2. Name and address of Education Institution
  3. Degree Major
  4. Project name and brief (<200 words) description
  5. Name of each participating student in project
  6. Contact details for each participating student in project


If you want to learn about about the Canadian Chapter leaders team, go here.


Applicant Eligibility

Students: Final year undergraduates enrolled in Canadian educational institutes.

Students in Fields of Study: Industrial, Digital, Operational Science, Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, Computer, Software, or Biomedical Engineering.

Students with Project Themes: Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Transportation, Aeronautics, Mechatronics, Embedded Systems, Biomedical Systems, or Software Systems.

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