Decision Analysis Working Group

Exploring methods and solutions to enable better decision making

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Decision Analysis Working Group


The purpose of the Decision Analysis Working Group is to advance the state of the practices, education and theory of Decision Analysis and its relationship to other systems engineering disciplines.

Analytic Enablers

TechOps Domain









Frank Salvatore


Greg Parnell, Bob Kenley, Devon Clark, Jared Smith


Activities cover current and future Decision Analysis, trade study, systems analysis and operations research practices.


Expand and promote the body of knowledge of Decision Analysis and its benefits within the Systems Engineering community.
  1. Explore emerging technologies and methods for informing and making decisions
  2. Develop and refine guidance and best-practices for decision analysis
  3. Encourage use of decision analysis techniques to structure decision making at any organizational level
  4. Increase awareness, reach, and membership of the DAWG and its content

Products in Development


  • Decision Analysis Data Model (in development)
  • Working Group Charter (maintain)
  • SE Handbook and SEBoK contribution (maintain)
  • SE Certification Tutorial and Questions for the general and specialist exams in the area of Decision Analysis (maintain)
  • Working group Connect website (maintain)
  • Working group public website (maintain) - DAWG promotional material
  • Service supporting standards activities relevant to Decision Analysis
  • Decision Analysis use case and data model for the Digital Engineering Information Exchange Digital View Model.
  • Authored book "Creating and Evaluating the Tradespace

IW24: International Workshop Focus

The DAWG will be focused on the continuing development and refinement of the Decision Analysis Data Model in preparation of an initial INCOSE submission in early 2024. This data model will help to realize the INCOSE Vision 2035 by integrating best practices for decision management with the latest technologies and methods of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

At IW, we will discuss our progress to date, deep dive and refine the underlying model data, and interact with industry though leaders on the latest decision analysis approaches.

Day One Agenda
Sunday, Jan 28 | 13:30-15:30 PST | Salon C

  • Introductions
  • Overview and Context
  • Process Model Overview
  • "Pin-the-Data-to-the-Process" activity

Day Two Agenda
Monday, Jan 29 | 13:30-15:30 PST | Salon C

  • Introductions
  • Overview and Context
  • Data Model Overview
  • Live Integration of Day One Results

Planned Activities

  1. Develop and test initial Decision Analysis Data Model (DADM)
  2. Test initial DADM with representative users
  3. INCOSE IS23 Decision Analysis Panel Discussion

Planned Work Products

  1. Decision Analysis Data Model
  2. DADM Supporting documentation


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