To Prepare for Dr. Bruce Powel Douglass's Day 1 MBSE Workshops

In order to participate in the "Scenario-Based Use Case Analysis" and "Test-Driven Modeling with State Machines" MBSE workshops conducted by Dr. Bruce Powel Douglass YOU MUST have appropriate modeling software installed and working on your computer BEFORE the start of the class. If you do not already have Cameo or IBM Rhapsody already installed on your computer, you will need to download and install the Cameo System Modeler Evaluation Tool.

Click the hyperlink below to access the detailed instructions on how to complete the download and install of the Cameo System Modeler Evaluation Tool. Please do this WELL BEFORE the day of the class, and please DO NOT wait till  just before the class to do the install. The is no  time to debug computers software during the class.


To Prepare for Steve Cash's Day 3 (All Day) MBSE Workshop

The "Systems Engineering an Off-Grid Electric Supply" MBSE workshop, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT on Event Day 3 conducted by instructor Steve Cash REQUIRES that you obtain an evaluation license of Vitech’s GENESYS MBSE tool and a copy of presentation materials PRIOR TO the workshop.

Installation of the provided GENESYS software and the included GENESYS Excel connector are required prior to the workshop.

To obtain the software license and presentation material (1) Register for the class, and then (2) CONTACT STEVE CASH by email by clicking on the button below. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you register for the class and obtain the license from Mr. Cash no later than 5:00 PM EDT one week prior to the Event Day 3. 

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