Welcome to The Canada Chapter

Welcome to the Canada Chapter


INCOSE Canada is an emerging local chapter of the International Council of Systems Engineering. We are dedicated to building a vibrant community of practitioners by hosting talks of interest to the systems engineering community. Everyone is welcome to participate. Learn More about the Canada chapter.

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Nominees for INCOSE Canada Chapter Elections

Tony Wu

Vice-President and President-Elect and : Haitao (Tony) Wu

As being the chapter's executive (communication director and treasurer) for the past year, I had the pleasure and opportunity to gain insights and understand the mechanics of the operation for the INCOSE CANADA Chapter. I'd love to apply all the experience and lessons learned from the past year to further improve our Chapter and provide more value to our members. By giving me the opportunity to contribute more in 2024, I will work closely with all the volunteers and executives to bring a more vibrant and collaborative systems engineering community to all our Canadian members and beyond!

Tony Wu

Treasurer: Haitao (Tony) Wu

See above.


Secretary: Pengzhou Lu

Greetings! My name is Pengzhou Lu. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Control System at University of Toronto. I set up my career as a system design engineer in the industry of railway signaling. Specifically, I have been working for Thales Canada, Transportation Solutions since 2018. As an enthusiast of systems design and processes, I'd like to contribute and volunteer to the events of INCOSE Canada Chapter to support people to learn systems engineering and to improve the process for anyone who is interested to be certified as SEPs.


Communications Director: Arman Nikkhah

I am a systems engineer with more than 7 years of experience in Automation, Robotics, Systems Design, Requirements Management and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). I started my career as a Mechanical Engineer working on Dynamic Modeling, Design and Control of Robotics Platforms and then continued my role as a Systems Engineer where I moved toward systems design, safety and reliability of various systems. I have Contributed to the implementation of MBSE for various projects in Robotics, Automation, Fuel Cell Systems, Rail and Transit.

Systems Engineering has evolved overtime and I would like to contribute to the INCOSE community by sharing knowledge and being part of the future transition to artificial intelligence systems engineering.

Ivan Taylor

Membership Director: Ivan Taylor

As President and Senior Researcher at Policy Dynamics Inc., established in 2001, I have a Master's degree in Information and Systems Science and a Ph.D. in Public Policy. I have peer-reviewed for the Social Systems Issue of INSIGHT Magazine, and the INCOSE International Symposium. I have provided several presentations at INCOSE's International Workshop, Social Systems, and Resilient Systems Working Groups.


Technical Programs Director: Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodrigues (P.Eng., CSEP) has been a member of INCOSE since 1997 and a CSEP since 2007. He has attended several INCOSE Annual International Symposiums and previously served as a SEP assessor. He has fulfilled various product development roles in the Defence, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), and Cellular Communications industries, spanning the full V-model from use cases and requirements elicitation, through requirements derivation and analysis, to systems level architectural design, integration, and V&V. Further to his Mechanical Engineering degree, Ivan has completed graduate studies in Electrical Engineering as well as the MIT xPRO Architecture and Systems Engineering certificate program. He is currently the Senior Manager of Systems Engineering within Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning Division, where he and his team have developed world-class, IATF 16949, ISO/IEC 15288, ISO 26262 and ASPICE compliant SE processes, tools, best-practices, and an effective SE community of practice (SECoP).


Webmaster: Stephane Lacrampe

Stéphane Lacrampe co-founded Obeo in 2005 in France. Obeo is an independent software vendor with a global reach, leading in open-source modeling software for system and software engineers, enterprise architects, and domain modeling experts. He acted as the CEO of the company until 2018 and is now the director of Obeo Canada. Based on Vancouver island, Stephane LACRAMPE is in charge of developing the Capella ecosystem in North and South America. He is also the co-chair of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Database Working Group.

Terry Fitzgerald

Terry Fitzgerald will transition to the role of President.

Terry Fitzgerald (CSEP) had started volunteering for the INCOSE Canada Chapter since Spring 2021 and was elected as President-Elect for 2023 and now assuming the role of President for 2024. I believe in the mission of the Chapter - to be a hub of systems engineering professionals and know-how within Canada and I look forward to working with the board, committees, members and the wider public to grow the craft of Systems Engineering within Canada.

Ray Barton

Ray Barton will transition to the advisory role of Past-President

Ray, a born Systems Thinker, is a thoroughly seasoned professional in Information Systems and Advanced Technology. He is a solution-driven, innovative technology and business development leader who has driven organization development & transformation with experience in a diverse set of industries and industry sectors. Ray has previously left his mark at Bell Labs New Jersey, and is presently Operational Manager Enercom Canada. Ray has been active in the INCOSE Canada Chapter since 2013 providing the INCOSE Canada Annual Conference virtual conferencing facility 2013 through 2017 and appointed Vice President 2022. Ray is chair of the IEEE Ottawa Section Technology Engineering Management Chapter. He is a Volunteer Director on the PEO Ottawa Chapter and is co-founder of the Innovative Challenge run annually for aspiring entrepreneurs. Ray is proud to be secretary of Engineers for the Profession (E4P), advocating transformative change in the Engineering Profession.


Dear INCOSE Canada Chapter members, 

We are excited to announce that we will hold board of directors and committee board elections with voting commencing September 24th, 2023. 

If you would like to nominate a person or put yourself forward as a nominee then please send us a bio (a portrait image is always helpful), identifying the position or positions you are nominating the person or yourself for and a brief pitch for those positions (all under 121 words – will be enforced). Send to Terry Fitzgerald at terry.fitzgerald@incose.net (elections officer for 2023). Before voting starts, the information you provide will be displayed and presented on INCOSE Canada’s website (https://www.incose.org/incose-member-resources/chapters-groups/ChapterSites/canada). 

The following positions are available and open (all terms are for one year starting from the AGM when the new board members are declared):  

Board of Directors Positions

  • Vice President: The Vice-President/President-Elect shall assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President when the President is unable to perform these duties. The Vice-President shall succeed to the position of the President if the President resigns, or upon completion of her/his term of office, if that was the original intention of becoming Vice President 

  • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the INCOSE Canada CHAPTER. The Treasurer shall receive all funds paid to the INCOSE Canada CHAPTER and shall approve payment of all bills incurred by the INCOSE Canada CHAPTER, as approved by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall maintain adequate financial records to make an annual report on the financial affairs of the INCOSE Canada CHAPTER to the Board of Directors and to the Committee. 

  • Secretary: The Secretary shall prepare minutes of all meetings of the INCOSE Canada Chapter and the Board of Directors and, as required, minutes of all meetings of the. The Secretary shall maintain all permanent, non-financial records of the INCOSE Canada Chapter in a central location, accessible by the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall prepare the annual Chapter Circle Award nomination package at the direction of the President. 

 Committee Board Positions

  • Communications Director: The Communications Director shall be responsible for electronic communication notices (e.g., email) to members. The Communications Director shall assist the Board of Directors in providing communication between the Board of Directors, the INCOSE Canada Chapter membership, and the COUNCIL.  

  • Technical Program Director: The Technical Program Director shall be responsible for technical programs of the chapter and planning for technical meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, and courses. The Technical Program Director shall be responsible for planning the overall strategy for systems engineering education, professional development and shall be the Chairperson of the Program Committee. 

  • Membership Director: The Membership Director shall be responsible for membership-related matters of the CHAPTER. The Membership Director will endeavor to sustain and increase CHAPTER membership. 

  • Webmaster: The Webmaster shall be responsible for developing and maintaining the Chapter website.  

Important Dates: 

  • Close of Nominations: 23:59 (ET) 24th September, 2023 

  • Voting opens: 23:59 (ET) 26th September, 2023 

  • Voting closes: 23:59 (ET) 29th September, 2023 

  • Run-off voting opens (if needed): 23:59 (ET) 30th September, 2023 

  • Run-off voting closes (if run-off voting is required): 23:59 (ET) 1st October, 2023 

  • Announcement of results at Annual General Meeting: 20:00 (ET) 3rd October, 2023 

Voting method: 

Online. An email will be sent to the email address members have registered with INCOSE. Email will contain unique information to log into election platform. 

Election rules: 

  1. Only Canada Chapter members who are in good standing at the time voting opens are eligible to participate in the elections.
  2. One person has one vote for each open position.
  3. Voting by proxy is not allowed
  4. Write in candidate is not allowed
  5. Once a vote has been submitted the vote cannot be modified
  6. No nominee shall hold more than one position on the Board of Directors.
  7. Any position with only one nominee by the time voting closes will be acclaimed.
  8. Any position with no nominee shall remain vacant.
  9. Nominees who are tied for a position at the time voting closes shall be given the opportunity to be nominated again for the same position during the run-off voting. By default, the nominee who tied for a position in the main elections will be nominated for the same position in the run-off - the nominee will need to notify the election committee in writing that they withdraw their nomination if they so desire.
  10. A Nominee who receives the most votes for a position shall be granted the position, unless doing so is in conflict with rule (6)
  11. Runner-ups for Committee Board Positions will be invited to participate in their nominated committee.

We’re excited about the new direction INCOSE Canada will take with your valued support and leadership! Please give every consideration for running. It is just not possible to function as a chapter without your valued input.

Previous Events


Title: Modeling Cybersecurity Operations to Improve Resilience
Speaker: Ivan Taylor
When: Resilience Panel - Thursday, July 20th, 8 am ET (Virtual)
Abstract: This presentation explores the use of system dynamics modeling to enhance cybersecurity operations and improve resilience in the face of cyber attacks. By analyzing interdependencies and resource allocation strategies, the research demonstrates how dynamic models can optimize incident response activities. The findings emphasize the benefits of incorporating system dynamics in cybersecurity planning, enabling proactive resource allocation and enhancing overall system resilience. Employing system dynamics can significantly improve cybersecurity operations, facilitating effective recovery from cyber attacks.

Title: You Deserve More than the Best-in-Class MBSE Tool!
Speaker: Stéphane Lacrampe , ObeoSoft Canada, Inc.
When: Room 317A - Monday 17, Jul 8:30 pm ET (in person)
Abstract: This presentation is made in the Sponsor Track - Capella is an IS 2023 Bronze sponsor. As (MBSE) becomes more widely adopted in industry, projects involving collaborating teams require efficient collaboration and coordination. This talk will explore the challenges of deploying MBSE on larger projects and present open-source and commercial solutions that support effective collaboration and communication among stakeholders extending Capella capabilities

We are pleased to inform you that several esteemed Canadian members will be making valuable contributions at the upcoming INCOSE 33rd International Symposium, an event that celebrates the advancements and collaborative efforts in our industry.


To access the symposium and explore these enlightening presentations, please register for the INCOSE 33rd International Symposium. Visit the Official Symposium Website or further details and registration information.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ivan Taylor and Stéphane Lacrampe for their outstanding contributions, and we are proud to have their expertise showcased on an international platform. For members attending the IS, we encourage you to show your support for our Canadian speakers by attending their presentation.


Let's come together as a community to celebrate and support our Canadian members at the INCOSE 33rd International Symposium. We look forward to your participation and the fruitful discussions that lie ahead.


Dear Systems and Software Engineering Colleagues:

We are delighted to announce our upcoming Mid-Year Members Meeting—an exclusive opportunity for you to actively shape the future of our community. Your input and feedback are crucial in guiding our efforts to enhance our offerings and ensure they meet your needs effectively.

Join us at this highly anticipated event where your voice takes center stage. We invite you to share your valuable insights on a range of topics, including events, SEP support, training programs, resources, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Together, we will identify what is working well and explore ways to further improve, making sure that our chapter continues to serve you exceptionally.

But wait, there's more! As a bonus, we have a captivating presentation lined up. Join us to gain valuable insights into the "Overview of SEP Certification Program" presented by Terry Fitzgerald, VP of the Canada Chapter. Discover how this program can propel your professional growth in the field of systems engineering.

Don't miss this incredible chance to have your say and contribute to the ongoing success of our vibrant systems engineering community. Mark your calendars and be part of this important event.


Ray Barton, Terry Fitzgerald, Tony Wu, Ivan Taylor, Ivan Rodrigues, and Stephane Lacrampe


Register here.



Cybersecurity by Design

Dear Systems and Software Engineering Colleagues,
This is the Sixth session of our technical program offered by the INCOSE Canada Chapter. In this session, we will explore Cybersecurity by Design with our speaker Bob Hruška and Christoph Schmittner.

Please find the recording here.

Cybersecurity Modeling in SPARX Enterprise Architect

Dear Systems and Software Engineering Colleagues:
This is the Fifth session of our technical program offered by the INCOSE Canada Chapter. In this session, we will explore how to perform Cybersecurity Modeling in SPARX Enterprise Architect. Our speaker Bob Hruška will discuss the challenges faced by the industry and how cybersecurity modeling can provide insights and benefits.
Please find the recording here and the corresponding materials:
 - Presentation slides
 - The Castle Threat model and the corresponding Threat Model Report

MBSE in the Railway Industry

Dear Systems and Software Engineering Colleagues:
This is the Fifth session of our technical program offered by the INCOSE Canada Chapter. In this session, we will explore the potential benefits of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in the railway industry. Our speakers, Qifang Wang and Sergio Guindas García, will discuss the challenges faced by the industry and how MBSE can provide solutions.
Please find the recording here.

Conceptual models for Agent Based Modeling

Dear Systems and Software Engineering Colleagues:

This is the fourth session of our technical program offered by the INCOSE Canada Chapter. In this session, we explore the topic of "Conceptual models for Agent Based Modeling" with Terry Fitzgerald, Vice-President of INCOSE Canada Chapter.

You can now watch the recording here.


Generating a Robust System Architecture Using ARCADIA Capella

Dear Systems and Software Engineering Colleagues:

This is the third session of our technical program offered by the INCOSE Canada Chapter. In this session, we explore the topic of "Generating a Robust System Architecture Using ARCADIA Capella" with Eric Dano, Associate Professor of Practice at the George Washington University.

You can now watch the recording here.


Requirements Engineering for Software Engineering Projects

Dear Systems and Software Engineering Colleagues:
This is the second session of our technical program offered by the INCOSE Canada Chapter. In this session, we explore the topic of "Requirements Engineering for Software Engineering Projects" with Majd Karam, Ph.D. Candidate and director, National Capital FreeNet

You can now watch the recording here

Cybersecurity Modeling and Simulation

Dear Systems and Software Engineering Colleagues:
This is the first session of our technical program offered by the INCOSE Canada Chapter. In this session, we explore the topic of "Cybersecurity modeling and simulation" with Dr. Ivan Taylor, President of Policy Dynamics Inc.

Watch the recording here


Chapter News

Volunteer Opportunities

The Canada Chapter is always open for volunteers to help the Canada Chapter tick.

1. Workshop Assistants - use your coordination powers to help the chapter in setting up workshops
2. SEP Mentors - give back to the community and provide SEP mentorship to SEs pursuing their ASEP or CSEP certifications

To learn more about these opportunities, contact any board member or email us at canada AT incose DOT net.

Systems Engineering Professional (SEP)

Are you interested in becoming SEP Certified?

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our SEP Mentors at canada AT incose DOT net

Chapter Services

INCOSE Career Connections Website

Did you know INCOSE offers a systems engineering career board? Whether you are seeking new opportunities or want to recruit systems engineering talent to your organization, visit http://incose.careerwebsite.com/ to see hundreds of available SE positions.


Ray Barton

Ray Barton

Vice President
Terry Fitzgerald

Terry Fitzgerald

Tony Wu
Tony Wu

Ivan Taylor
Ivan Taylor

Communication Director
Tony Wu
Tony Wu

Technical Program Director
Ivan Rodrigues

Membership Director
Michael Ivanko


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