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A better world through a systems approach

Congratulations on earning your ESEP, CSEP, or ASEP designation. You are now recognized as part of a world-wide group of systems engineering professionals. This website provides you links and references that may be of use to you as a SEP. Please send suggestions for additional resources that could be added to this site to the INCOSE Certification Office (

How Do I renew? 

What It Means To Be an INCOSE SEP

INCOSE Past President John Thomas has drafted a paper on what it truly means to be a Systems Engineering Professional as intended for INCOSE's multi-level certification program. A copy of this paper can be downloaded here.

Write New Exam Questions

INCOSE’s knowledge exam is a multiple-choice test based on the content of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. The exam is developed through the use of volunteer Systems Engineering Professionals (SEPs) and expert psychometricians.  Learn more:

Certification Program Overview Charts

The INCOSE Certification Program has several overview briefings available for distribution or presentation.
INCOSE SEP Statistics  
CER-PROC-01 SEP Program Definition and Requirements
Fundamentals of INCOSE Certification

Host a Paper Exam at your INCOSE chapter

The INCOSE Knowledge Exam is typically offered through computer testing facilities. It is occasionally offered as a paper test at INCOSE chapter events. INCOSE Knowledge Exam Events

SEP Logo Apparel and Merchandise

INCOSE has loaded the SEP logos to Lands End so that you can order from a broad variety of high-quality apparel and other merchandise with ESEP, CSEP, and ASEP logos. The SEP logo apparel is only for those who have earned each level of certification. Use the following link to access the Lands End Store. If you need to order a replacement SEP pin, please contact INCOSE Administration Office at

Usage of SEP Nomenclature and Logos 

INCOSE has established guidelines for the use of the ESEP, CSEP, and ASEP designations. Usage must be consistent with INCOSE Policy COM-101 and the SEP Logo Guidance document.

LinkedIn Groups 

INCOSE's Certification Program Office oversees three groups on LinkedIn:

INCOSE SEPs, the Official Interest Group is open to all. 

INCOSE SEP, the Official Group for Systems Engineering Professionals is limited to those individuals who are already ASEPs, CSEPs, or ESEPs. 

INCOSE ESEP, the Official Group is limited to those individuals who are already ESEPs.