• Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Agile Systems and Processes - Necessary and Sufficient Fundamental Architecture" - Rick Dove

    Agility is enabled and maintained by a fundamentally necessary and sufficient common architecture in systems of all kinds; from development, deployment, and manufacturing processes to the systems and products that are deployed.

  • MORS Affordability Workshop

    Based on mutual interest in the area of Affordability Analysis, INCOSE is a marketing partner for the MORS Affordability Workshop.

  • 6th Annual INCOSE Great Lakes Regional Conference

    The INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter is hosting the event.

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "INCOSE President-Elect Candidates Present Their Position Statements"

    Please join me on Wednesday 17 October 2012 from 11am-12pm EDT for the next INCOSE webinar.

  • ICSSEA 2012 24th International Conference

    Sponsored by AFIS (the French Association for Systems Engineering) and INCOSE, co-organized by TELECOM ParisTech, CS Communication & Systems, and the Génie Logiciel quarterly, the 24th edition of the ICSSEA Conference (International Conference on Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications) will be held in Paris on October 23-25, 2012.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting October 2012

    Chapter Outreach - Meeting at University of Akron

  • Fourth Annual Medical Device Connectivity Conference and Exhibition

    Joseph B Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

  • ASEC2012 - “Building a Better Future”

    In 2012 we present a 2 day event bringing together first-class presenters and practitioners from a wide range of domains.

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Everything you always wanted to know about systems engineering on one web site"

    Everything you always wanted to know about systems engineering on one web site.

  • 3rd International CSDM

    The ambition of the CSDM conference is to be the meeting point for the industrial and academic environments working in the design and management of complex industrial systems.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting December 2012

    Chapter Social

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Ontology Based Systems Engineering: Application to Requirements Quality Management"

    Despite having the right experts, the right technology, the right project organization, the right technical review, etc. some projects are still facing schedule overrun, variable quality products, or, in worst cases, program cancellation.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting January 2013

    Applying Systems Thinking to Public Policy Regulating in the Power Industry

  • INCOSE MBSE Workshop 2013

    INCOSE MBSE Workshop 2013 in Jacksonville. Please join us for the Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Workshop on Saturday and Sunday, January 26-27, 2013 as part of the INCOSE International Workshop in Jacksonville, Florida

  • INCOSE IW 2013 - Jacksonville, FL USA

    Jacksonville, FL

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting February 2013

    Highlights of the 2013 International Workshop

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Building a Business Case for Systems Engineering: the 2012 SE Effectiveness Study"

    This webinar summarizes the results of the 2012 SE Effectiveness Study performed by the National Defense Industrial Association, the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and the Software Engineering Institute.

  • INCOSE IL2013

    The Seventh International Conference on Systems Engineering, INCOSE_IL2013, takes place on March 4-6, 2013, at the Daniel hotel, Herzlia, ISRAEL.

  • Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER) 2013

    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) will be hosting the 11th Annual Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER), which is scheduled for March 19-22, 2013 in Atlanta.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting March 2013

    9/11 and the Rebuilding of the Pentagon

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