• KSE 2011 Third International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering

    KSE 2011 provides an open forum for intensive discussions and interchange of the latest advances in Knowledge and Systems Engineering research.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting October 2011

    Great Lakes Science Center tour, Dinner, and Power and Energy Systems Working Group Update

  • Webinar 21:00 UTC: "Nominations and Elections - INCOSE President-Elect Candidates Present Their Position Statements"

    This is the invitation to attend the thirty-sixth INCOSE Webinar, where the candidates for President Elect will be available in a moderated forum to discuss their responses to issues facing INCOSE as we move forward.

  • Fifth annual Asia-Pacific Systems Engineering Conference (APCOSE)

    The theme this year is Green Growth: sustainable quality in systems. Full paper submission is extended to August 15, 2011.

  • Annual HRA INCOSE Conference on Systems Engineering

    Suffolk, Virginia

  • 5th Annual INCOSE Great Lakes Regional

    INCOSE Michigan Chapter November 4-6, 2011 Dearborn, MI

  • Webinar 12:00 EST: Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) 0.5 WebEx Sessions

    The BKCASE team will be hosting open information and review instruction sessions

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "The Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering" – Dr. Art Pyster

    The Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering (BKCASE™) project began in 2009 to develop a guide to the Body of Knowledge for Systems Engineering (SEBoK) and a Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering (GRCSE™).

  • Second International Conference on Complex Systems Design and Management (CSDM 2011

    The ambition of the CSDM (Complex Systems Design& Management) conference is to be the meeting point reference for industrial and academic environments working on all dimensions of design and management of complex industrial systems.

  • INCOSE Brazil Emerging Chapter's Systems Engineering Week

    The Systems Engineering Week consists of a series of 4-hour-tutorials about various subjects in Systems Engineering.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting December 2011

    Year End Social

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Training Systems Engineers in Project Management A Simulation Based Training (SBT) approach"- Professor Avraham Shtub

    The INCOSE reference curriculum for graduate programs in systems engineering addresses the knowledge needed to practice the systems engineering approach.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting January 2012

    Emerging Technologies that can Shape the Future

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Foundations of Relational Complexity Theory" – Dr. John J. Kineman

    This Webinar is the first of a series of talks on R-theory and its implied information architecture.

  • INCOSE IW 2012 - Jacksonville, FL USA

    IW2012 in Jacksonville, Florida

  • Ontologies influences in Systems Engineering

    The seminar will be held in the Carlos III of Madrid University, located in Leganes, during January 23-27, 2012.

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Affordable Architectures - How do I recognize one?"

    The US defense department has undergone many evolutionary shifts in recent years. These shifts include movement from a system or platform-centric focus to a full mission objective,

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting February 2012

    ReCap of INCOSE’s MBSE Workshop 2012

  • Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER) 2012

    Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark, St. Louis, Missouri

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting March 2012

    INCOSE Power and Energy System Working Group update

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