• C-NO Chapter Meeting April 2012

    Chapter Social

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "An Overview of INCOSE Professional Certification" – David D. Walden

    In 2004, INCOSE introduced its Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) certification program.

  • SETE/APCOSE 2012

    Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia

  • 1st Annual Systems Engineering in Washington DC (SEDC 2012)

    George Mason Inn and Conference Center

  • 2012 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference

    A notable change with the 2012 conference is the addition of SYSTEMS to the IERC title, recognizing an important emphasis in theory, methodology, and application in the area of systems engineering.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting May 2012

    Joint Picnic with the Cleveland AIAA chapter

  • Kongsberg Systems Engineering Event (KSEE)

    Systems engineering connects the world of business and life cycle to the world of technology and engineering.

  • The Third International Symposium on Engineering Systems - CESUN 2012

    Organised by TU Delft and MIT

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting June 2012

    Wind Turbine Radar and Communications Interference Modeling

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "IceCube as an Engineering Case Study" – Randall C. Iliff

    The South Pole is now home to IceCube, the world’s largest and arguably most unusual telescope.

  • INCOSE IS 2012 - Roma, Italy

    Roma, Italy

  • INCOSE Systems Science WG sponsor session at ISSS 2012

    Regarding key facets of system science this workshop will engage participants in exercises designed to increase their a) degree of mutual understanding, b) readiness for knowledge exchange and c) ability to foster similar interoperability in their respective local contexts.

  • IEEE SOSE 2012

    The theme of the 2012 IEEE International Conference System of Systems is Cooperative and competitive distributed decision making for complex dynamic systems.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting July 2012

    INCOSE and Systems Engineering followed by an open forum on SE topics at the Parker Hannifin corporate headquarters

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Nine Laws of Effective Systems Engineering" – Zane Scott

    For the manager seeking project success, the design team seeking to deliver a solution, and the customer seeking an answer to their needs, systems engineering is critical.


    INCOSE is co-sponsoring the Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) 16th Annual PSM Users' Group Conference.

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "The Organization Mind-Set: Learning to Think and Act in Terms of Systems" – Professor Harold “Bud” Lawson

    What if all or the majority of the people in your organization and related enterprises, independent of their personal background and professional role, held a shared view of their business, product, service, and infrastructure system assets?

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting August 2012

    Recap of the International Symposium in Rome

  • 9th Annual INCOSE South Africa Chapter Conference

    The 9th INCOSE SA Conference is scheduled for Monday 27 to Wednesday 29 August 2012 at the CSIR International Convention Centre.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting September 2012

    Open discussion on systems engineering topics and chapter strategic planning.

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