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Working Group Purpose & Mission


The purpose of the Space Systems Working Group (SSWG) is to expand the body of knowledge of systems engineering as it is applied to space systems. Specifically, the purpose of the SSWG is to:
  • Promote the use of systems engineering principles, techniques, and practices in government, academic, and private industry organizations which are identified with space applications
  • Provide a forum in the professional networking of INCOSE that is pertinent to professionals in the space systems community
  • Support the INCOSE Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) Initiative by developing an MBSE Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Reference Model of a CubeSat
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Application Domains: Space Systems

Established 2000




David Kaslow

Alejandro Levi


The SSWG explores the application of systems engineering to space systems in government, industry, and academia.


An overarching goal for the SSWG is to increase the quality and scope of the technical and professional information available to its members and to enhance the interchange of that information between its members. A specific goal for the SSWG is to develop a CubeSat System Reference Model (CSRM) that is distributed to and adapted by CubeSat projects and that covers an entire CubeSat project life cycle from concept to retirement.


The SSWG supports the discussion and dissemination of information between its members. The tempo and topics of contribution are determined by the level of participation by the community and availability of contributed content. A specific product provided by the SSWG is the MBSE SysML CubeSat System Reference Model (CSRM). 

Planned Activities

  • Continue work of CubeSat System Reference Model
  • Host recurring industry discussions
  • Determine the value of additional INCOSE Technical Products for the industry

Planned Work Products

  • Continue work of CubeSat System Reference Model including exploring Mission Engineering

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CSRM Applications:


CSRM Papers and Presentations:

CSRM Memos

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the CSRM be available?
    - The INCOSE-OMG CSRM Team received approval for the CSRM Profile in 2023. The Profile is a PDF of the SysML Stereotypes considered necessary and/or useful in modeling a Cubesat or Small Sat.  

2. Where can I get the CSRM?
    - OMG official profile is on the OMG site: OMG Cubesat System Reference Model (CSRM)
    - OMG is hosting a Beta Release of CSRM at this site (click the PDF symbol on the right side of the OMG/CSRM page).

3. Can I get a Cameo version of CSRM?
   - The CSRM Team has been working within Cameo to validate the INCOSE-OMG CSRM Profile. The CSRM Team has posted a downloadable version of CSRM at github.  The model instance copyright is owned by INCOSE.  CSRM at github


General SmallSat Papers of interest



Jan 27-30

INCOSE International Workshop, Torrance, CA

Feb 26-29

Ground Systems Architecture Working Group (GSAW)


- SSWG member, Steve MacLaird, presenting Sessions D and E.

Mar 18-22

OMG Technical Meeting, Reston, VA, 

- OMG Technical Meeting in Reston, VA | Object Management Group

May 13-16

MBSE Cyber Experience Symposium


May 27-31

4S Symposium (Small Satellite Systems and Service)


May 28-29

MBSE2024 Bremen, Germany


June 10-14

OMG Technical Meeting Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

July 2-7

INCOSE International Symposium 2024, Dublin, Ireland 

Aug 3-8

Small Sat Conference, Utah State Univ, Logan, UT



Working Group Events

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