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Decision Analysis


Mission & Objectives

Purpose: The purpose of the working group is to advance the state of the practices, education and theory of Decision Analysis and its relationship to other systems engineering disciplines.

Goal: Expand and promote the body of knowledge of Decision Analysis and its benefits within the Systems Engineering community.

Scope: This technical working group will cover activities that are generically applicable to current and future Decision Analysis practices thru the product development and project life cycle for any and all domains and industries.


Chair: Frank Salvatore                Date: 2011-03-12

Co-Chair:  TBD                           Date:

Working Group Products

  • Working Group Charter
  • SE Handbook contribution
  • SEBOK contribution
  • Trade Off Analysis Tutorial
  • Trade Off Analytics Book 

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

IW 2017: 
Decision Analysis Working Group Panel Discussion
DOD/Decision Analysis Digital Thread Workshop 

Planned Presentations at the Next Events