• Webinar 79 From Dual VEE to Dual Use

    Problem Statement: According to the Standish Group, very few large projects perform well to the project management triple constraints of cost, time, and scope. In contrast to small projects,

  • Webinar 80 – Applying the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to Lean Systems Engineering

    The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) is an industry-leading, publicly-facing framework for scaling Lean Agile development practices.

  • INCOSE Orlando Chapter Meeting: Town Hall Discussion – Hosted by Dr. Kelly Neville, President Elect

  • Delaware Valley Chapter Meeting and Presentation: "Model Based Systems Design and SysML"

    Speaker presentation, buffet meal, and Chapter Meeting. The presentation by Laura Hart will provide an overview and rationale for utilizing Model-Based System Development (MBSD) concepts.

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter August 2015 Board Meeting

  • Meeting Speaker: Dr. Dov Dorie, Model-Based SE with ISO 19450 Standard – Object-process Methodology (OPM) and SysML

  • Webinar 81-Front End Planning

    Webinar 81 August 19, 2015. 11:00AM EDT Front End Planning Professor Avraham Shtub

  • INCOSE-LA Speaker Meeting: Al Hoheb, Systems Engineering Competencies

  • INCOSE Orlando Chapter Meeting - Next Generation VR

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter August 2015 Chapter Meeting

  • Brown Bag - INCOSE Updates: Website & Certification (Mike Darby)

  • INCOSE-LA Professional Networking Event: Lancaster

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Social Outing to Arlington Park

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter September 2015 Board Meeting

  • SWISSED 15 - Annual Symposium of the Swiss Systems Engineering Society (SSSE)

    SWISSED 15 is offering a 1-day event bringing together first-class presenters and practitioners from across Europe, to share knowledge and experiences on how to plan, develop and manage systems in an efficient and successful way.

  • INCOSE-LA Speaker Meeting: Barry Boehm

  • Meeting Speaker: Rick Dove, Agile Systems and Processes 104: Quality Fundamentals – The Art of Agile Systems Engineering

  • INCOSE South Africa 11th Annual SE Conference 2015

    The theme of this year’s INCOSE South Africa Chapter is “Systems Engineering - Shifting the Barriers”.

  • Florida Simulation Summit

  • Webinar 82: Agile 104 – Quality Fundamentals: The Art of Agile Systems Engineering

    This webinar will focus on sustaining system and SE process agility in operational environments that are Unpredictable, Uncertain, Risky, Variable, and Evolving (UURVE).

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