• Meeting Speaker: Dr. Beth Wilson, NDIA: A Place for Systems Engineers to Move the Needle

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting May 2015

    Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE)

  • Webinar 77 - Systems Engineering Vision 2025

    This presentation highlights the Systems Engineering Vision 2025

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter May 2015 Chapter Meeting

  • 3rd Nordic Systems Engineering Tour (NoSE)

    The 3rd edition of the Nordic Systems Engineering Tour (NoSE) will be held June 1st – 4th, 2015

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter June 2015 Board Meeting

  • INCOSE-LA Speaker Meeting: Unleashing Big Space: Next-Generation Applications with Small Satellite Advances

    Prof. David Barnhart will discuss the various areas of research on orbit aggregation. Register here.

  • Meeting Speaker: Larri Rosser, System Engineering for Software Intensive Projects using Agile Methods, Joint Meeting with Southern Arizona Chapter

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting June 2015

    WORLD CAFÉ - Operations Process Area

  • Webinar 78 - Unleash the Engineers!

    This presentation highlights proper communication and genuine understanding to allow the world access to a type of brilliance it desperately needs.

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter June 2015 Chapter Meeting

  • Tutorial: James Martin, Systems Thinking Workshop: Learning How to Think About Systems in a Holistic Manner

  • Systems Thinking Workshop: Learning to Think About Systems in a Holistic Manner

    This workshop by James Martin will teach you some essential principles and concepts of systems and how to use these in a “systemic” fashion to improve your ability to think about systems in a holistic manner.

  • INCOSE-LA Professional Networking Event - Westminster

    Networking event at Michael's Sports Pub & Grill

  • INCOSE Orlando Chapter Meeting: F-35 FACO (Final Assembly & Check Out) & Wing Co-Production in Italy

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter July 2015 Board Meeting

  • Meeting: Chapter Summer Social - A Tour of the Sandia Tram Lower Terminal & Networking at Sandiago’s

  • INCOSE IS 2015 25th Anniversary Celebration - Seattle, WA USA

    If you missed the 25th celebration, check out the site and see the keynote videos and photos from the silver anniversary symposium!

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter July 2015 Special Event at bb7

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting July 2015

    Report Out from July's INCOSE IS2015 Conference

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