• Webinar 15:00 UTC: "First Principles in the Analysis of Human-System Dynamics"

    In large complex systems such as national infrastructure and defense systems, the human component may account for more than half of the life cycle cost of the system.

  • APCOSEC 2013

    APCOSEC 2013 will be held from 9 - 11 September 2013 in Yokohama, Japan.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting September 2013

    Bridging the Gaps between Systems Engineering and Risk Management - A Panel Discussion

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Agile Systems and Processes: Driving Agile Architecture with ConOps and Response Situation Analysis (Agile 102)"

    Agility is enabled and maintained by a fundamentally necessary and sufficient common architecture in systems of all kinds; from agile development and deployment processes,

  • 7th Annual INCOSE Great Lakes Regional Conference on Systems Engineering

    Join the key systems-focused networking and educational Great Lakes Regional gathering of engineering practitioners, technologists, business leaders, educators, and students! You need not be a member of INCOSE to participate.


    Join the emerging chapter in Poland for a unique 2-day event.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting October 2013

    Chapter Social

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "INCOSE President-Elect Candidates Present Their Position Statements" (2013)

    The Candidates are Alan Harding and Asmus Pandikow. Ginny Lentz, INCOSE Past President and Member of the Nominations and Elections Committee will moderate the discussion.

  • INCOSE Autumn Academic Forum

    This autumn, the INCOSE Academic Council will sponsor its first Academic Forum event outside of its International Symposium.

  • PMI Congress - INCOSE Member Opportunity

    Join more than 3,000 professionals in project management from all industries and levels of experience for this premier knowledge and networking event.

  • 2013 Annual Conference: “Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking – Back to Basics”

    The Hampton Roads Area chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering (HRA-INCOSE) invites members and non-members, as well as university, corporate, and government organizations to submit presentation proposals for a conference addressing the theme: “Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking – Back to Basics.”

  • ICSSEA 2013 25th International Conference on Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications

    Original, unpublished papers may concern industrial implementations or experiments, describe significant results from ongoing projects, research results applicable to industrial applications, or deal with socioeconomic issues associated with software & systems engineering.

  • Annual German Systems Engineering Conference TdSE2013

    The German speaking Annual GfSE Systems Engineering Conference (TdSE2013) will offer three days of presentations (4 Tracks), tutorials and a Tool Vendor Project used by the software providers to show their field of SE application.

  • Australian Systems Engineering Workshop featuring the “Model-based Systems Engineering Symposium” hosted by “INCOSE’s MBCD WG”

    The annual ASEW event provides a broad forum within which interested SESA members congregate in symposia, working groups, or special interest groups to advance and promote systems engineering in Australia.

  • Annual Systems Engineering Conference 2013 (ASEC2013)

    INCOSE UK’s Annual Systems Engineering Conference (ASEC 2013) will offer two days of presentations, tutorials and workshops.


    INCOSE extends its welcome to existing and new members attending the Dubai Airshow in November.

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC: "Family of Systems Disciplines"

    There are a variety of systems disciplines all of which employ the concept of systems as a set of component elements related to each other and operating in ways that are determined by the relationships.

  • 5th Medical Device Connectivity Conference supported by INCOSE

    Now in it's fifth year, this groundbreaking conference and exhibition centers on the integration of medical devices and information systems.


    Complex Systems Design & Management (CSD&M) 2013 is an international academic-industrial conference dedicated to all academic researchers and industrial actors working on complex industrial systems engineering.

  • Chapter Meeting - Dr. Ron Sega

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