• Webinar 15:00 UTC:"Systems Engineering in Turbulent Times"

    Emerging needs…rapidly changing requirements…dynamic environments…everincreasing connectivity

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter Holiday Social/Networking Event

  • Meeting Speaker: Jack Ring, Modeling Conceptual Design

  • January, 2015 Joint INCOSE CFR and ASQ Meeting

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting January 2015

    The Cook-Rasmussen System Performance Model - with the Fuller interpretation

  • Webinar 15:00 UTC:"Design for Affordability"

    Improving design methods for affordability has become a real focus area both commercially and in the DOD.

  • INCOSE IW 2015 - Los Angeles, CA USA

  • Webinar #2 - Problemas completos e soluções completas

  • Meeting Speaker: Andy Pickard, When “Yes” is the Wrong Answer (best paper award at IS14)

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting February 2015

    Report Out from January's IW2015 and World Cafe Session

  • Webinar 16:00 UTC:"SoSE from the SE Standards, INCOSE SE Handbook, and Dual V-Model Perspective"

    System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) continues to be one of the most complex and least well-understood SE disciplines.

  • INCOSE-LA Professional Networking Event, Santa Monica

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter February 2015 Chapter Meeting

  • Speaker Meeting: Phyllis Marbach, Principles for Agile Development

  • New Event No Date/Time

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  • Webinar #3: O Engenheiro de Sistemas e a Certificação do INCOSE

  • You’re in my Space: Agile’s Roles, Responsibilities and Competencies

  • INCOSE Chicagoland Chapter March 2015 Board Meeting

  • New One Day

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  • New Two Day

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