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     This page provides access to presentations from Chapter and Working Group meetings.

Date Meeting Presenters Files
July 2022 HRC Karsten Lies 2022-07-21-ANSYS-DME-INCOSE

Jan 2021 HRC Dick Steinberg The Economic Benefits of Human Performance Models in Systems Engineering
Dec 2021 HRC Remy Drouin and Stephane Lacrampe CAPELLADAYS2021_DROUIN_Remy
Nov 2021 HRC Paul A.Sullivan /Monte Porter nomagic-req
INCOSE HRC 2020 Recap

Oct 2021 HRC Susan Askew How to be the Center of the Universe - and SURVIVE
Oct 2021 MBSE WG Bill Lozier (MITRE)  
Sept 2021 HRC Linda Brock RegEx: Text Searching and other Text Parsing using Regular Expressions
Sept 2021 MBSE WG    
August 2021 HRC Tony Lindeman (Dynetics)  INCOSE SEP Overview
8/19 HRC Update 
August 2021 MBSE WG Dr. Mike Cochrane (Quantum Research International) Data Repositories for Parametric Workflow Models_INCOSE 
July 2021 MBSE WG Lisa Murphy (Siemens) Methodology-Driven MBSE
Capella Arcadia SMW Resources List
June 2021 MBSE WG Dirk Zwemer (Intercax) Integrated MBSE and Graph Analysis for System and Program Assessment 
May 2021 HRC Paul Garvey (DASO, Eglin AFB) Armament Directorate Digital Acquisition & Sustainment Office 
May 2021 MBSE WG    
April 2021 HRC Bill Bryant (MTSI) Unified Risk Assessment and Measurement System 
April 2021 MBSE WG Bill Lozier and Rod Wheeler (MITRE)  
March 2021 HRC Paul Sullivan  How to Go Agile More Successfully, Survive...until You Thrive! 
March 2021 MBSE WG Barry Papke (Catia/NoMagic) Modeling ICDs in UAF 
Feb 2021 HRC Dr. Rainald Loehner (George Mason University)  
Feb 2021 MBSE WG Rod Wheeler (MITRE)  
Jan 2021 MBSE WG Bill Lozier (MITRE)  
Nov 2020
HRC Paul Sullivan INCOSE HRC 2020 Recap 
Nov 2020 MBSE WG David Butler, Ryan Roy, and Sean Conway Converting from Document Based to Model Based Systems Engineering - A Real Life Example
Sept 2020 HRC Benjamin Schwartz (Northrop Grumman) 2020-09-18 Meeting Recording - Littrol Combat Ship, Case Study in Manpower and Personnel Planning
Sept 2020
MBSE WG Dave Hall (Hall Associates LLC) Systems Engineering Guidebook - ISBN 9780692091807
Aug 2020 HRC Tony Lindeman (Dynetics Corporation)
INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification Program
June 2020 HRC Linda Carnell (Defense Acquisition University) Logistician's Value to Your Program
June 2020
MBSE WG Loyd Baker and Monte Porter (Quantum Research International) MBSE Process for JCIDS
May 2020
MBSE WG Jared Biggs (Trideum Corporation) MBSE Requirement Traceability Demo with SysML
Feb 2020
HRC Linda Brock (Northrup Grumman Corporation) Log Analysis: Data Reduction Using "awk"

Feb 2020
MBSE WG Rod Wheeler (MITRE Corporation) Data Import/Export Methods in MagicDraw
Aug 2019
HRC Scott McPheeters Systems Engineering Case Study - HEL Weapon

HRC: Huntsville Regional Chapter
MBSE WG: Model-Based Systems Engineering Working Group


Presentations from previous INCOSE Huntsville Chapter Meetings, local Working Group information, and other chapter resources and links will be posted here.